Coffee table – A contemporary location for your cup

If you are redecorating your residence to have an extra contemporary feel and look, it is not constantly required to replace all of your furniture with brand-new contemporary furniture. With a little bit of creative thinking, imagination, and also a fast trip to your regional residence renovation store for paint and also materials you can turn your old existing wood coffee tables into a contemporary modern coffee table that will match any type of purchased new at a furnishings store.

Material and Beginning

  • Prior to embarking on this task, take a look at them as well as determine the sort of timber your tables are made out of. The sort of timber will establish the kind of products you will be able to make use of to produce your modern-day coffee table.
  • To minimize mess and also damages in your house move your coffee tables into the garage or to an exterior location sheltered from the elements.
  • At your neighborhood residence improvement shop, discuss your task with well-informed shop workers, they will be able to lead you to the ideal tools as well as items that will be required to make your modern coffee table project a success!


Making use of a clean towel with a warm option of soapy water, any kind of normal cooking area meal soap will do simply great; completely get rid of any dust, crud, as well as webs from your coffee tables. Dealing with a clean surface will certainly make your task run a lot smoother.

Coffee Table


At your house renovation store, educated shop staff members must have been able to direct you to the right sandpaper for your kind of table and also sort of task. Utilizing your picked sandpaper, slowly, making little circles eliminate the old varnish or paint from the coffee tables. Your brand-new contemporary ones will certainly need to be devoid of old varnish before you are able to apply the brand-new shades to it. Using the suggested wood fillers for your type of table, fill in any openings and repair service and small fractures and also damage in the table. Filler has dried out offer the table another quick go-over with the sandpaper to smooth out the filler. Provide the table an additional excellent cleansing with your cozy soapy option to remove any staying sawdust or dirt.

Your house enhancement shop specialists will certainly have suggested to you a wonderful paint for your contemporary coffee tables; do not be afraid to be bold with your colors. Contemporary coffee tables are everything about intense solid shades! Your tables might require more than one coat of paint, so allow it to totally dry in between paints. A very amazing modern touch to your contemporary coffee tables is to utilize stencils of big shapes that could appeal to you, whether it is circles, stacks of blocks, and even a large red daisy on a black background and visit site for further info

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