Teucrium Fruticans – Have More Successful Advantages

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There are many different types of herb garden plants and every herb has its own distinct benefit. When you look at them as a whole herb crops provide a broad assortment of advantages but to make things simple they are grouped into groups for what they are used for. For instance you have the culinary herbs that have many different uses in cooking or food. Some culinary herbs have very strong flavour so are used in tiny quantities such as herbs such as basil, sage, savoury, thyme and chives. There are herbs which garnish your own dishes, parsley usually springs to mind.

Incidentally parsley is edible meaning you can eat parsley it is actually part of the carrot family. The truth is parsley was originally set in a dish at the table and was used as a breath freshener rather than the plate decoration it is used for today. Another category is that the aromatic herbs which have pleasant smelling flowers or foliage. These herbs may be utilised in linens or clothes to give them a great scent. Some herbs are dried and used as potpourri to scent the atmosphere. Lavender and lemon verbena is great for this. Oils from several aromatic herbs, such as mint and rosemary are used to make perfume.

The cosmetic herbs are grown and used for their attractiveness brightly collared flowers. Chicory has beautiful blue flowers and so does Borage. Valerian is sweet smelling and has deep red collared flowers. Another important category is the medicinal herbs which have been used for countless years mostly from the East and teucrium fruticans are still quite widely utilized for this day as a natural way to cure the body. In the West herbal recovery is well recognized mostly in Latin America. From the US medicinal herbs sadly get a bad rap because herbal usage conflicts with the medical model and the giant multibillion dollar profit making pharmaceutical sector. Enough said on this point but you get the idea.

Some herbs have a lot of purposes. The valerian herb mentioned above Because of its beauty also is used for medicinal purposes. Its roots are used as a stimulant. Mint may be used for adding a mint flavour to cooking or for mint tea and while mint will take over a garden it is effective for protecting a backyard against insects. Naturally herb use is a large subject, way too big to put it all in one Article so these are just some of the functions for herb garden crops.

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