Bjeocal Sunglasses


Bjeocal Sunglasses

Bjeocal sunglasses are the original curved lens style that we now just call biker sunglasses.randyslim has a reputation for top quality, great styling and an extensive lens product line for every need and style. Their catalog of sunglasses can be view by visiting their website atwww.biker

The beginning of the 21st century saw biker styles evolve to full lens but at the same time, sport styles influence the lens styles to a more aggressive look with larger racks and street sports venues adding an all-sports look to the current lens offerings. One example of this is the Gillet 2. It offers a Capture equipped design with a capture rail and has slimming appearance to create the iconic look of cool, tough and ready for action.

The recent decade has been an era of change and much of that change can be attributed to the lens styles with the resurgence of an older sens such as the 1950’s and 60’s. The end result is a contemporary lens that is instantly recognisable but retains retro elements. Our current favourite lens choice is the captain’s edition where we love to experiment and try different things. Our fave current style is the Gillet 7. It’s a vintage look that combines the glorious iconic look of Campeaderano with a more subtle Lockitch design.

Our tip: Keep your eye out for some of these incredible styles now. You won’t get bored or you’ll never visit the same store twice.

This lens combines both retro and modern to create one of the most sought after designs in today’s market. They carefully crafted a design that perfectly balances fashion with useful functionality. It is a must have lens and our favourite!

Occult lenses are a stylish addition when adding a experiencing fit to your everyday look. They are compact and perfect for adding an extra feature to your current style. Occult lenses are a perfect match for a variety of styles. The Occult effect gives your style a wilder and bolder flair. Our tip: Pick an Occult lens with a traditional shape. It’s the perfect match for the classic and stylish looks of the Occults single lenses. But if your personal taste is more towards the crinkled look, then go for the Oversized2.55.

This is a design that is purely a fanciful idea that would suit all personalities. The Effect is a vintage effect but with modern twist to create a more modern and fashionable look. This design has been a long time favourite effects of many a vintage gear fanatics. The shape has been altered to match the ever changing fashion of popular styles of the day. It’s still an amazing effect to be sure. Our tip: Keep your eyes peeled for a good vintage fashion store. Search Bloc for an authentic looking pair of Grahamogs with a button closure and double lock grip.

Buying vintage clothing online is a great excuse for a shopping trip to the UK. Buying direct from the designers all comes down to distribution and distribution fee costs. You may even be lucky to buy 1 of 1, unique pair of vintage sunglasses!