How to Get Laid – How You Can Go to Any Girl’s Landing and Win Her Heart

If you go to a promiscuous girl’s home and lay a piece of paper with the words “Will you, marry me?” on it you might get arrested. So – you need to go to a promiscuous girl’s home and win her heart.

The most important thing is to get the girl inquisitive. You feel confident that if she is not particularly attracted to you, you stand no chance. But if you have a decent chance, it is best to try. Use the following techniques and you can go to any girl’s home and lay a piece of paper with the words “Will you, marry me?” on it. If the girl is into you, you will get laid that night.

1. Ask the parents. While you do not have to be a teenager to attract the parents, you do need to make sure you are behaving like a grown-up. Parents know best what is good for their children. If they say “yes,” then you should go to the girl’s home. If they say “no,” you should not ask the parental permission. Your girl has the right to decide, and you do not have to give in. In this way, you can go to the girl’s home.

2. Lay the papers. When you go to the girl’s house, look around for a piece of paper. Tell her something like “Look, there’s this girl I’d like to lay a bet with you. What do you think?” Then put another piece of paper on top of the first, and ask her to put a bet with you. Every time she wins a hundred dollars from you, you can buy her personal stuff like a watch or a necklace. When she loses, you’ve still got money left over, and that would be a good enough incentive to go ahead and lay the bet with her.

3. The most important thing. When you beat the bet and have sent both of your girls to the girls’ home, take the winning girl’s purse or her phone number. Don’t throw it in a box with the rest of her things; take it calmly and ask for it. Then, you can give her a call. Tell her how much money you beat the bet and that you would like to talk to her. Then, try to arrange a date. When you do that, ask to give her a call to confirm your meeting.

4. Ask her to dinner. If she cannot come to your house, perhaps she does not live very far from you. Ask her if she could come over to your place to have a quick dinner. Maybe she has something else to do first. If she really is into you, she will accept your invitation. If she is agamester, she will probably tell you later that she needs an extra day to prepare for your date. Then, let her bring some food over. When she’s there, offer to buy the food for the two of you.

5. Use the law of blind faith. No matter what the girl says, you have to believe her. Even if it is just a matter of principles or worships, you have to believe her. When you make the effort to get to know someone by talking to her, it would be easier for you to believe in her. However, don’t be desperate. Do not bring up the issue of sex or dating right away. Make her believe that she is desired for other factors too. Make her win you by your character, never by your money.

So hurry up and beat the tougheness of the competition and win the game of seduction someday.