Making the Right Decisions


Are You Making the Right Decisions?

Making the Right Decisions
In life, there are basically two choices you have to make. One can be described as a “good” and the other as a “bad” decision. So how do you know the difference between right and wrong decisions?

The other option is one that the majority of people avoid. Worse than that, the people who are most likely to miss out on a “good” and “good” decision are people in their 50’s and above!

Let’s look at this individually. If you were approached by a sales person offering to build a business with you, which one would you say you would most likely take it on? Would you agree to have a million dollars in a bank account or would you say I just can’t do this? The reason this question has been formulated this way is because the majority of people take a lot of time and money into making a “good” and “good” decision.

But this isn’t true of everybody. On the contrary, there are lots of people who could say they make a lot of “good” and “good” decisions. In fact, it’s being published in a recent years that one very well known person made a million dollars from the internet.

It’s only converting “good” decisions received into dollars of course. But that’s not what I’m really talking about. So I’m not suggesting that you stop making “good” and “good” decisions. I’m only pointing out that there’s a lot of work, and often real effort, going on when it comes to making our decisions on a daily basis.

What You Can Do Today!

The focus of this article is not to make you decide to make a “good” or “good” decision. The better question to ask is, how do you feel about making a “wrong” decision? What is it that stops you from converting “good” decisions received into dollars?

The first point in this case is based on what most people believed about decisions when they were younger. In fact, they were making the “good” decisions and when they were “quiet” that usually meant only one thing, ordecideto overeat. Simple, yes. Not, however, an appropriate choice. So here’s what made me run into a brick wall, and decide long ago that it gets to be an attribute in my life for myself!

It was around the time I “began” life at the ripe age of 13 or 14 and started struggling. In fact, it was almost 14 years ago and this is now over 29 years ago!

You could say that my decision over food came together in a span of 22 years and came out of a drive to make sure I made the right choices when I was working towards my physical, emotional and spiritual development. I sat down and looked at my life and wrote a few things down:

Well, beginning with the last very best thing I wanted to achieve.

If this has helped you know that I also made the following decisions:

What’s Next?

All the hope that has been reborn out of these decisions is something mainly based on one simple thing, being able to change it. Maybe it’s which way my order was laid or maybe another deeper concept has now given me some direction. I’ve realized that when it comes to making smart decisions, Each one of us must learn to work with our inner intelligence and that means recognizing and acknowledging our own abilities and discerning what the right action should be.

These are just some of the things I have thought about as I begin to move forward and take advantage of the skills to transform my life into a rosy one.

A few of the concept’s that I’ve found valuable to help guide me along are:

I now realize I can do this!

I hear my intuitive voice

I am paying attention

I pay attention to gut feelings

I have a vision

I get the idea’s

I can see my goals with my mind

I can visualize me

I feel digital use

I feel connected to others

I feel connected to myself

You see, as I’ve begun to move forward along this path of personal evolution, I’ve also noticed that –

My voice is making me do so

Ears are letting this idea’s come to life

A “URN” has been started!