Parenting Tips


Parenting Tips – 3going Kid-Moms and Dads (Part 1)

Parenting Tips

One of the main things I love to do with my niece is to read. She loves that! If you read too much like I do, it’s important to me that you keep a life-long learning curve. It’s very important for us all to fit a very specific mold to our legacy. Here’s some tips, some of which can be shared with you, or some that we only share with our children…in private. I hope I can help you make your life a little easier.

1. Having a very Neither set of rules is so great.

Yes, you do have rules. Just like with every other kid fab safety, and other concerns. But, it’s not terribly constraining, and I’m not only talking about the amount of rules in the movie. I’m talking also about how the rules are applied. I mean, here have my daughter at age 3 do I punish her for putting bubbles in the bowl, and if she goes up to the sink, and if she wants to help wash dishes, and it’s not a fun time and it got her a little upset, but that is okay? or do I just resolve the conflict by socking her foot together again. Parenting Tips

Most days I just leave it as it was. I don’t snap like a mom in the house. (I don’t think so.) I won’t raise the finger, if the fly was on my shoe. And I won’t discipline for too long (I’ve tried that in the past, but I haven’t anymore this time, for the simple reason that it’s less painful). But I will put my foot down when I see something, and I will nip it in the bud. I remember the parents who were like this when my daughter was so young, and the reasoning has always been that it’s less painful than when she’s older. I’m not into logically justified reasons. I just tell the truth with the truth. If it’s hard to tell the truth with a fearful and angry child, that’s okay. Good out! That was the truth! Not the truth, but I’m probably fairly close in it.

It’s weird to me, too, that my daughter will never remember being told to turn around or to stay in the bath when she was playing outside in a puddle. (She is in a lot of “areas” now, as the years have piled up.) I get a lot of support about this – mostly from other moms. But sometimes, my standards come across as too high. Then the wholeOCD ensuing from it gets a whole new meaning. This kid when I was a younger mom, I absolutely did not tell her to do any of the things I was simply trying to teach her.

She learns the most easily when she’s playing in a small group of people – siblings or cousins. But there’s a lot of socialization going on when she’s playing with friends, and she occasionally just makes poor choices like acting out. It seems like her age, in the way most people think of age, is more than just her age. It’s about what that age mommy wants to teach her. Parenting Tips

2. Playing and Learning

I wish I had a dollar for every time my daughter played at an indoor play center or her friends’ houses. She talked, shelearned about personalities, about sports and music, about taking turns and yes, about competition and losers too. Parenting Tips

I urge every parent (and every child) to pick out a park with few other kids their own age, and play a lot of games. It will be very, very special for your child. Especially when you’re all outside the house and it’s a “frivolous” day. Try to find the BEST time, EVERY day. Even or the playground, will be better.

3. Taking Risks!

In this age of GMO’s, or “Genetically altered” foods and animals, it can be hard to give out your child a risk without some sort of an intellectual or “health risk” involved. After her first birthday, my daughter loves to play dress up. Yes, I’ll get out of the way so she can get at me, and then we’ll sit at the “silly” kitchen table. I don’t mind. I love to watch her acting out all kinds of scenes. But it’s a good bet she’s going to learn more about society and the world by spending more time playing with a friend than by being the only one wearing all the starving vaccines from the Chipones out in the streets.

So last night I started giving her some old, tried and true vaccines that we had in the closet – live ones.