Shearling Coats


Shearling Coats – Warm and Luxuriant

Shearling coats are a great way to stay warm, while appearing incredibly fashionable. They are the perfect outerwear for the Fall Season. They are luxuriously light yet incredibly warm, and they are much easier to care for than real fur. Also, they add a magical feeling to a woman’s aura.

Every year the Shearling Company, which is an American company, comes up with a new line of sheepskin boots, outerwear, and jackets. These are all handmade and they are a priced right out of your wallets. They are always exceptionally well made.

Here are some of the popular Shearling Coats and the features they have:

These beautiful coats are very warm and they will keep you nice and cozy all season long. Plus, in the winter they will keep your feet nice and toasty as well. In the summer, you will be able to look fabulous and comfortable at the same time.

Shearling Men’s Fastique Boot- This boot is divine. It is made with full grain leather. It has a real sheepskin lining that really keeps your feet nice and comfortable.It’s made with hard and water resistant outsoles

Shearling Hilfiger Men’sEXTented Stretch Fastique Tinny Style Boot- This boot is a rugged, low-impact style that is on the shorter side. It has a water/factor resistant rubber outsole that is really easy to clean. If you are a woman that does a lot of walking outdoors, this is the perfect boot.

Shearling Christopher Blue Men’s quicker khaki Leather Fastique Coach Boot- Here is a fun style that is more of a Wellington boot. The shorten on the leg is to keep you comfortably warm and the upper is made with a bit of leather for added sophistication.

Shearling E Vec Long HtailsESSenger Boot- This boot is an ode to the Internet age. It is a bit more casual, and will keep you in tune with the latest trends, with a touch of technology too (anomsdycite). It is also water/proof. For those of you who want the look of a boot that is more along the lines of workmanship and utility (but not wanting to give up style), this is it.

The list goes on. As you have likely noticed, shearling coats and boots are available in many styles, colors, and with soft fox pelts to choose from. This, by the way, was made possible by the demand of the public. You may also notice that many shearling coats and boots are more rugged and rely on the Gore Tex technology; a decision that typically was not made for fashion but quality. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for the demand that we place on our products, no one would have paid attention to the new looks in sheepskin.

More companies should take note of the growing demands for stylish, comfortable and durable sheepskin boots and sheepskin slippers. The demand is still strong; the climate is changing and people are becoming more mechanically and scientifically advanced. Consider sheepskin products the way you would consider one of our Terramus branded products. It’s a great way to warmly comfort your feet; but it is also a way to stay on top of new styles and trends.