Relationship between Stress Disorders and Persistent Cannabis Use

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Anxiety disorders Affect an individual’s ability keep relationships and perform on the job. However, issues triggered by anxiety’s list do not end here. Among other difficulties, the ailments also increase the risk of substance abuse due to the patient’s inclination to ailments that are psychiatric. Individuals of all age these disorders can be developed by groups but young adults and teenagers exhibit a number of the greatest rates of stress disorders. This is because some of the changes in private and professional life are witnessed through the phase of adolescence. In actuality, the use of marijuana has been often associated with several subtypes of anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorders and panic disorders. Upon discovering that 76.3 percent of the participants did not develop debatable marijuana usage patterns during adolescence or in early adulthood compared to the other participants who tested positive for the same, the researchers established three different risk profiles that may help in developing targeted interventions. They were as follows:

  • Persistent problematic Usage: Individuals categorized under this group exhibited the most problematic cannabis use that persisted in early maturity. This group exhibited the greatest levels of psychiatric ailments. Lead author of the study Shrike Hill noted that 27 percent of persistent users struggled with anxiety disorders as children while 23 percent reported cooperating with anxiety disorders as older adolescents and throughout college years up to age 21.
  • Limited problematic Use: in contrast to other groups, people in this group experienced the most adverse effects of an unstable and dysfunctional family. They also displayed a propensity to use a greater degree of cannabis during adolescence and their preteens. Their propensity to use marijuana faded out as they grew old.
  • Delayed problematic Usage: While participants in this class did not showcase any issue with marijuana use during adolescence and early adulthood, debatable marijuana usage ensued if they were between 26 and 30 years. This group reported being bullied and abused during their youth.

Although the analysis demonstrated a correlation between anxiety disorders and persistence marijuana use, in addition, it provided risk profiles which could aid in tailoring interventions and policies for teens and adults and to marijuana use.

Seeking treatment for anxiety disorders

A number of quantitative Studies have proven the co morbidity between anxiety and cannabis use, during the period of adolescence. Despite the Ongoing debate on the legalization of marijuana, a number of the potential Consequences of using marijuana include a selection of physical and psychological health complications and visit this page to gather more information.

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