The Sagittarius Man

Question: Dr. Ronn: Sometimes I get tired and lose my motivation to keep trying to meet the right person and get married. But other times, I get so focused on my goal of finding someone that I’m not able to have a love life. IS there such a thing as letting your love life take over your life? – S.N.

Answer: S.N, you bet, there is. Sagittarius is a very high energy sign and loves to take the lead and live from the edge of the map. So it’s not surprising that the Sagittarius man loves to lead the path of a love life. However, if you’re the quiet type and like to do things in your own way, you may not be successful in having an “elevator speech” with your Sagittarius. So you need to get yourself in some type of love life.

The Sagittarius man is one who greatly values freedom and doesn’t like being told what to do. So if you’re with a Sagittarius man, you need to be aware that while they love to lead, they do enjoy a partner who can hold their own in their criticism. They need you to communicate with them in a direct manner so that their needs aren’t being overlooked. While they will allow you to be overall spontaneous and adventurous, your non- spontaneity should be done with caution and should be worked out prior to you embark on a life of love with a Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius men are very intuitive and will see the world through black and white and generally obey their instincts. So if you’re looking for black and white in your world, then you’ve got yourself a fine man. There is going to be some very few things about your new man that he may not comprehend, but if you can’t tell him, what’s the point of getting married to him? Mystery is only good if you’re an escape from your own life!

If you want to head off future arguments, try working at getting him to see things from your point of view. If you’re one of those people who can’t get a point across and who always criticizes everyone, try making room in your marriage for a few white pointers. He will adopt them into his heart and soul and love you for them.

The Sagittarius man also needs some distance and balance to his otherwise too active life. You need to give him a bit of breathing room, just as he needs time away from you to chill out and relax. The solution is not to blow off his ideas, but letting him know that it does take two to tango.

If you’re the vocal type and not a good watcher, you’ll need to find a way to please both him and you by being good listener. You’ll have to really just let things flow and try not to bring your own strong views to the table. He’ll be put at ease when you allow him to air some opinions and you’ll be able to admire his male independence when he appears to thrive without your influence.

You probably have your own ideas on how your Sagittarius single man should show his love, but you may also be one of the lucky ones who are in a relationship with a man like this. So do whatever you can to make your love life work and enjoy your blooming relationship, with a Sagittarius.